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Air Conditioning Maintenance

In Florida the number one issue is the drain line. Just like your vehicle, it needs regular maintenance to function efficiently and help catch potential issues early.


Here in Florida, your air conditioner is constantly battling the heat year after year. To help keep your system running properly it is recommended to have your air conditioner maintained twice a year.

Maintenance Agreement

Our Maintenance Agreement Includes:

  • Two Maintenances for one system

  • 10% off all repairs

A Maintenance Includes:


  1. Cycle heat pump if applicable

  2. Check electric resistance heater amp

  3. Cycle AC system

  4. Check temperature differential

  5. Wash evaporator coil

  6. Flush drain line

  7. Check float switches

  8. Check air handler for air leakage

  9. Wash condenser coil

  10. Check capacitor microfarads

  11. Check compressor amps

  12. Check condenser fan amps

  13. Replace filters with customer provided filter

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